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Preview – Combined Autumn Event, Beaumont House, Old Windsor, 12-13 November 2013

10 September, 2013

A message from Executive Director Tony Antoniou for British APCO members and commercial partners.

In its tradition of holding smaller, focused, interim events between our annual events (Manchester, 1-2 April 2014 is next), I am pleased to send you advance event information for this year's Combined Autumn Event: Change your thinking on public safety communications.

Please find below:

·           A summary of the critical initiatives British APCO is delivering (in addition to its usual work)

·           An overview of the program for this event (a fully detailed timetable will be released shortly).

British APCO holds a number of updates and sessions throughout the year across many topics and initiatives. These had been spread across the calendar, and some still are, especially when they are a series of activities and meetings within an initiative. As much as possible, combining these helps to reduce costs for everyone involved, and creates a powerful concentration of members and partners from across our public safety community. This complements the Annual Event, and keeps critical initiatives progressing.

This year we assemble in Beaumont House, Old Windsor, with a wide, critical array of initiatives and public safety interest groups from across the UK (and EU), together in one venue. This notice is advance event information for members and exhibitors.

We ask your support, in terms of supporting and joining in, exhibiting and sponsoring. Below is a snapshot of the sessions and workshops happening across the event. But firstly, and importantly, why you should be there, and what critical initiatives British APCO is delivering. This is, as ever, in addition to the ongoing British APCO work, including the Annual Event and other events, research programmes with UK and EU bodies, the Journals and e-Bulletins, the bridging and liaison across the diverse member community – and so on.

This is your voice. We need your involvement and you need to support these initiatives.

Your membership and sponsorships are the funding for these critical activities!

British APCO is driving the Campaign for Dedicated, Harmonised Spectrum for Public Safety. With many voices merely talking about this, and the difficulty of understanding how to view this issue when also thinking about ESMCP (see next item), British APCO took the initiative to hold a wide-based day in London to bring all the concerned parties together in a workshop on this critical topic. These included commercial stakeholders, blue lights stakeholders, RUSI, TCCA and FCS, among others. British APCO was able to obtain consensus, and a mandate, to take this campaign forward. Much can be leveraged from APCO (in the US) and its partners achieving success with their similar campaign, known as 'the D-Block'. Everyone in public safety needs to understand the key issues here, and to support this Campaign – we are your voice!

British APCO is working with ESMCP as the only independent public safety entity being included in their work driving us to the next generation public safety communications platform (as announced by Home Office at our April 2013 event in Manchester). British APCO is maintaining a trusted, independent, honest-broker approach, which allows genuine and relaxed exchange around the core needs, especially with respect to the consternation surrounding provision of mission critical voice (MCV) over the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) that our friends at ESMCP are driving forward. Engagement with the commercial providers is just under way, and British APCO is helping both Home Office and all the suppliers to understand the real issues and 'keep everyone honest' too.

British APCO is working with JESIP, including the following MAIT and NextGen999 programmes:

- British APCO is delivering MAIT (Multi-Agency Incident data Transfer). Directly with Cabinet Office, British APCO has agreed a standard (v1, of many as this grows and spreads across many more agencies in the UK) for incident data transfer between CAD equipment and personnel across the blue lights. The first instance of the server is being negotiated presently. CAD manufacturers have been vocal and helpful, as their technologies must be enhanced to meet this new standard. The standard will develop over the next decade at least, as more demands are made of this capability, and as more Agencies come on board. Early adopters (after the three blue lights) will include Department of Transport, Highways Agency, Coastguard, utilities and transport infrastructure, all the way through ultimately to port authorities and blood bikes. Get up to speed on MAIT – it's happening now.

- British APCO is driving NextGen999. An initiative had been previously embarked upon, but British APCO revitalised it though dialogue with Cabinet Office and BT. The general public have smart technology, and are perceived as being ahead of public safety’s capabilities in terms of expectations; the expectations from the public that they can provide video, photos, docs etc. to emergency services, and that contact can be carried out across text, social media and rich media services. Enhanced technology for EAs such as GPS location will save time and lives. British APCO is working to encourage Government to mandate telecommunication systems to update the technology, through OFCOM. It's very overdue, having still not happened after five years. An aggressive set of initiatives to drive this, and to introduce contact methods and rich data types, is now being progressed by British APCO.

- British APCO is supporting Cabinet Office, Home Office, blue lights, in initiatives to maintain currency for TacAds, and TSG. We are hosting the TacAds (Tactical Advisors) group update workshop and the TSG (Telecomms Sub-Groups) updates from Cabinet Office and other sources.

- We are also assisting Government in understanding where we can derive benefit from body worn video (BWV), holding workshops for all, with the objective being to provide a comprehensive report.

You need to be at our Autumn Event in Old Windsor, supporting the delivery of these critical initiatives for public safety and making your voice heard too. The campaigns and the work we're undertaking above needs funding, and we absolutely believe that the entire community recognises the value of what British APCO is delivering. Note that we will most especially need as much funding as we can get to drive the Campaign for Dedicated, Harmonised Spectrum for Public Safety, which goes well beyond the three blue lights, and covers all first and second tier responders and can provide spectrum solutions for ports, transport and public safety assets including energy and business continuity.

You will garner important dialogue with key people across all of the above activity. Please get in touch with Tracey Langmaid urgently, +44 (0)1522 548325

Autumn Combined Event: meetings and sessions, 12-13 November 2013

General Exhibition and Networking Area

There is a welcoming, relaxed space as you enter, on the route to the session rooms, providing lots of space for exhibitor areas and networking. There will be lunch, refreshments and dinner opportunities for sponsoring, in addition to sponsoring of session space and main logo sponsorships.

Session rooms

The program outline follows below. There are a very few spaces left should major sponsors wish to take a session room for a day or half-day to cover specific subjects.

Round Table: Future Public Safety Technologies

Includes the post-2016 requirements (MCV) that we need our new NextGen platform to support. Format is the now-familiar British APCO Round Table format, but with an audience area, with opportunities for panel-style responses from the table as time permits (round table with Land Mobile Radio)

TacAds update

All three services break out for internal service updates, issues, discussions. They come together for MA issues. The session will include updates on JESIP (drivers and objectives) and ESMCP, on what the future may hold; will TacAds be required in this new world, and if so what might be needed from them? Followed by a Q&A session with Airwave.

Round Table: Telematics

British APCO has been working within the e-CALL component of NextGen999, following EU ruling that new vehicles sold after October 2015 must support automated notification of accident information. Telematics is featuring increasingly in British APCO work, as telematics and sensors feature in developments for public safety. Format is the now-familiar British APCO Round Table format, but with an audience area, with opportunities for panel-style responses from the Table as time permits. In partnership with Wireless Magazine.

A full day of British APCO initiatives briefings (with summaries being given within other sessions where these clash with another stream)

  • British APCO is driving the Campaign for Dedicated, Harmonised Spectrum for Public Safety. A series of meetings and briefings fills an entire stream for one day, so people can come and go in breaks between sessions depending on their own plan for their time.
  • Updates on British APCO work with ESMCP
  • Updates on British APCO work with JESIP
  • Next MAIT meeting and updates on British APCO work to deliver v1
  • NextGen999 update (initiatives and progress to drive this, and the new developments with Apps, including plans for the safe store and handling accreditation).
  • Dedicated Spectrum Campaign meetings (all day – see above for more information about this critical Campaign; a full program will be released presently that describes the sequence).
  • NG999 (NextGen999) updates and information on new initiatives
  • Apps market is expanding – we need to formalise a way that these can be accredited, and then connect into the 999 service. Understand how British APCO has submitted an Apps proposal, its acceptance and progress
  • Update on work that British APCO is doing as part of 999 liaison group with the determination to drive it through.
  • Update on how British APCO has strengthened links with EENA and NENA and what this can yield
  • BWV (body-worn video)
  • Gain insight from input from three users/organisations regarding experience, context and subjective benefits: input from HO POED team on the BWV NUG activity (including need for legislative change); input from CDIS (ties into our CAPITA discussion); input from Sprint II framework on procurement.
  • Brief presentations from manufacturers and suppliers about their BWV solutions, including displays in the main area.
  • JESIP update:how British APCO is working with JESIP, including the following MAIT and NextGen999 programs
  • Cassidian CAKE: awaiting full details.
  • TSG update: an invited group, comprising the TSG community, in all-day workshops covering the subjects key to their daily work across public safety. A full program of the day will be released shortly.
  • Project FREESIC: This important EU Research project takes the BYON (bring your own network!) approach demonstrated by Project Secricom and shows how real-time data-sharing agreements can be supported, even when catering for very complex mixtures of sources, data types, levels of classification and so on. An invited group (the project teams) hold their progress meetings, but they're also here to discuss their multi-bearer work (specifically 4G/LTE to TETRA bridge function), which I find very relevant in view of the network platform changes and roll-out that is the most pressing issue currently.

British APCO believe that this November Combined Autumn Event is a 'must-attend' for everyone in public safety. Our community is relying heavily on British APCO with respect to the critical issues and initiatives discussed above. British APCO is dependent upon your support and participation in these important sessions, workshops, progress meetings and updates.

Most of all, I look forward to seeing you at Old Windsor. This is a step on the road to our Annual Event in Manchester, 1-2 April 2014, where these initiatives and subjects will continue to progress, and we will hold further meetings, development sessions, updates, and continue to work with you on each.

In the first instance, please get in touch with Tracey Langmaid urgently to ensure your arrangements are taken care of, +44 (0)1522 548325.

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