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Partnership set up to deliver affordable ANPR

04 November, 2013

Civica and Tetratab announce a strategic partnership to deliver affordable ANPR on demountable rugged, multi-purpose tablet computers.

According to Civica and Tetratab, the ability to provide simple ANPR facilities to all general patrol vehicles is now a practical and affordable reality.

The new system is not designed to replace full ANPR multi-camera systems on specialist ANPR patrol units. These vehicles have sophisticated ‘multi-lane’ and bad weather/night-time facilities – and are usually targeted as highly ‘pro-active’ patrol units. Instead, it is designed specifically for more routine patrol units – where the primary function is not to deliver ANPR patrolling. The system is designed to provide occasional ‘proactive’ HITS, but mainly an ability to constantly gather ANPR intelligence information throughout the whole tour of duty of a routine beat patrol.

This ‘single lane’ solution was initially tested and trialled on West Mercia Community Safety ‘Speedwatch’ vans. This ‘speedwatch’ solution is now been offered nationally to all community safety partnerships and organisations deploying mobile and or static camera vans amongst others.

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