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Medical aid from far away

30 October, 2014

Portable telemedicine videoconferencing kits provide medical lifeline for remote locations.

Based on proprietary SecureChat video encryption and compression software, the new DigiMed kits provide real-time teleconferencing with emergency medical service professionals using satellite or terrestrial wireless links, enabling a face-to-face consultation between patient and doctor.

The DigiMed telemedicine kits are ideal for ships, private yachts, business jets, offshore oil platforms, mining or logging operations, international relief and aid organizations, law enforcement and government agencies. When used with commercial satellite networks, the coverage area is virtually worldwide, said manufacturer DigiGone.

“The low-cost portable DigiMed kits, packaged with our SecureChat software, will revolutionize telemedicine, enable superior remote doctor-patient consultation services and potentially provide huge cost savings to companies,” said Michael Dunleavy, president of DigiGone. “DigiMed provides a must-have affordable medical lifeline for people who live, work or travel in remote areas.”

The portable telemedicine kits are available in three versions: DigiMed Mini, DigiMed Vital and DigiMed Plus.

The DigiMed Mini contains a Windows tablet with built-in camera, Bluetooth headset with microphone, Wi-Fi macro camera and power adapter contained in a small soft case.

The DigiMed Vital includes the same components as well as an EKG sensor in the same size case and also includes the DigiMed Access dashboard software to stream the device information live to the physician.

The DigiMed Plus includes all the above components, as well as other Bluetooth sensors including digital thermometer, blood pressure cuff, blood glucose meter and other medical devices in a slightly larger soft case to assist the physician in remote analysis of the patient’s vital signs.

The SecureChat software makes it possible to send encrypted high-quality real-time video over satellite channels or mobile links, using a small fraction of the bandwidth needed for other commercial video services.

The compact, lightweight, portable kits are packaged in a small-ruggedized soft case for easy transport and storage.

Using the DigiMed cameras and sensor readings, the doctor can remotely perform a visual inspection of the ill or injured patient and recommend the best course of action. Teleconferencing also provides peace of mind for the patient, who can see and talk with the doctor conducting the interview. In some cases, the consulting physician may be able to prescribe on-site treatment with follow-up video sessions, eliminating the need for an expensive evacuation.

Based in Largo, Florida, DigiGone is a software development and hardware integration company specializing in encrypted software-based communication and security solutions that are portable, easy to use and cost-effective. The DigiGone collaboration tool is used by U.S. and international military forces and government agencies, as well as global shipping companies, media outlets, financial institutions and retail applications.

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