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Home Office publishes guidance on digital forensic investigations

13 January, 2015

eDiscovery in digital forensic investigations’ provides an introduction to the area of eDiscovery, a survey of typical functionality available and a guide to options for introducing eDiscovery into wider use in criminal investigations.

The report says that an ideal tool that supports the technical and investigative needs of digital investigations does not exist – although some tools meet key requirements and could be used in a combined solution.

It highlights that the widespread uptake of sophisticated mobile devices, coupled with the affordability of storage, has resulted in huge growth in the volume of digital information being created and stored.

The report acknowledges that working practices are struggling to keep pace with this trend.

In conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) recently conducted an assessment of commercial products offering an eDiscovery approach to reviewing large volumes of data. The assessment revealed some interesting differences between the way that eDiscovery tools approach an investigation and the standard workflow in a criminal investigation involving digital evidence.

The report describes an EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model), which has been developed as a framework for parties engaging in eDiscovery and describes standard steps in an eDiscovery process which have obvious parallels to the stages in a digital investigation.

The report does not focus on the detailed performance of a few tools but on the ways in which the eDiscovery approach can assist the world of digital forensics and investigations.

To download the report, visit:

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