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Gloucestershire Constabulary sign up to electronic notebooks

11 February, 2015

700 police officers to be issued with preloaded applications and access to PNC, Domestic Abuse and Stalking forms amongst others.

A four-year contract has been signed with Airwave for the provision of its Pronto electronic notebook.

The initial rollout will see approximately 700 police officers issued with devices pre-loaded with applications that will facilitate the force’s move into a paperless environment, with a further 300 will be issued in phase 2. The device facilitates remote and mobile access to all local and national backend systems such as the Police National Computer (PNC), Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harrasment (DASH) forms, collision reports, as well as the force command and control and crime and intelligence systems.

‘This is an extremely significant win for Airwave as it means that a third of all police forces in Great Britain have signed up to use Pronto,’ said John Lewis, COO of Airwave.’

Neil Mantle, Chief Superintendent, Gloucestershire Constabulary, commented: ‘This software solution will help us to streamline police processes and reduce paperwork enabling officers to be more visible and accessible to the public they serve.’

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