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Emergency responder interoperability: Lexicon

20 February, 2013

Cabinet Office publishes Lexicon of UK civil protection terminology - version 2.1.1

First published in December 2010, the Lexicon establishes common, agreed definitions for terms used in the multi-agency business of civil protection.

Without a common understanding of what specific terms and phrases mean, multi-agency working will always carry the risk of potentially serious misunderstandings, the consequences of which could be extremely severe.

Since 2007 the Civil Contingencies Secretariat has been working with a wide range of partners to build and maintain a single point of reference for civil protection terminology as one of the underpinning elements of interoperable communications and coherent multi-agency working.

The new Lexicon is available here.

Future versions will build on this, encompassing a wider range of the terminology used across the range of Integrated Emergency Management activities.

Public safety responders are encouraged to cross-reference definitions given in their own organisation’s documents to the Lexicon and adopt the definitions given in the Lexicon.

The Cabinet Office has also created a set of common map symbols for emergency responders, available here.

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