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Cross-border public alert system – successful trial

19 November, 2013

Alert4All uses different communication channels – including fire systems – to send out emergency messages: SEE VIDEO.

The Alert4All system connects government agencies and institutions with their citizens whether they are on the road, in the office or at home, providing standardised alerts.

The unique solution for a future pan-European public warning system was developed as an FP7-project under the lead of the German Aerospace Center and in co-operation with 11 European partners as well as Euralarm’s PEARS (Public Emergency Alert and Response Systems).

Euralarm is the association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic fire safety and security industry.

Alert4All’s modular design even permits integration with other as yet undeveloped methodologies. When necessary it can be upgraded – for instance to incorporate the security systems in large facilities such as company buildings, schools or shopping centres. This was demonstrated successfully during the presentation of Alert4All and PEARS.

The integration of existing fire and security products, systems and alarm receiving centres into cross-border public alert systems represent a distinct opportunity to open an additional channel for public alert scenarios. Their role will be expanded to deliver additional capability in the event of crises in a very cost effective way.

The PEARS project learned that fire and security products not only can – but also should – be integrated into public alert systems.

The extensive installed base could be easily upgraded to receive alert signals which could be utilised to activate audible and/or visual warnings. More sophisticated systems can convert public alert messages into intelligible voice messages or display the same message on PCs. Integrating existing safety and security systems into a public alert scenario could be a cost effective and rapid alternative to reach large parts of the population.

In order to allow this integration into public alert systems, Euralarm will promote and initiate a broader discussion on European level. This discussion will focus on the adaption of existing fire safety and security systems regulations to allow and encourage the integration of alarm systems into public alert communication networks.

Euralarm’s PEARS project was carried out from October 2012 until October 2013. The project was co-ordinated by Siemens Schweiz AG and other partners were TYCO-Proximex as well as DEF-Group. The project demonstrated the broad technological basis of the European safety and security industry and its potential when co-operating with public alert systems.

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