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British APCO attends ESMCP's commercial engagement day (PIN) for the ESN network

08 August, 2013

The Home Office has started the commercial engagement phase of its procurement plan for the new Emergency Services Network, writes B-APCO Executive Director Tony Antoniou.

As well as British APCO there were around 170 different commercial entities present on the hottest day of the year yet in London, as the Home Office team provided an excellent and impressive set of presentations to set the scene and to accompany an information pack.

As everyone recalls, ESMCP elected to announce the basic technology fabric that the new network will employ at our British APCO 2013 event in Manchester. This was not lucky; we have been busy maintaining a multi-level dialogue with ESMCP and now that the announcement is public knowledge we continue to work with them to help ensure that the needs of public safety are intrinsic in the ESN product.

Many of the entities present at the Home Office PIN day were B-APCO commercial members, and going forward, B-APCO has an important role to play, to continue to help:

  • these commercial entities to form consortia
  • to ensure that our valuable user insight is made available to them in a complex and exhaustive process that each faces in such a significant procurement for public safety
  • to maintain dialogue with ESMCP directly and assist them in responses from the community and dissemination and feedback cycles into our responder members.

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