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04 December, 2012

British APCO is a growing community with extensive communications knowledge gained as a result of delivering real life public safety.

British APCO fosters knowledge exchange in communications to support and improve the delivery of public safety.

British APCO maintains powerful relationships within public sector agencies, commercial suppliers, technologists and governments, providing a unique centre of excellence, nationally and across Europe, that is dedicated to improvement in public safety communications.

Why should you be a member?

British APCO is now a focused organisation, having undergone a period of transformation over the past couple of years. Some of the cornerstones remain – our core values – but in partnership with our membership we have transformed the way we achieve our goals.

British APCO subsidises membership costs significantly through:

  • advertising and sponsorships
  • holding one main annual event (and a lesser, more specifically-themed, second event annually), and these are unique and now FREE to members, including the many streams of activities within them)
  • working on research and development projects that also deliver benefits across your sector and improve public safety.

As well as our main annual event, we run additional smaller events (normally requested by stakeholders involved in a developing technology activity) during the rest of the year. British APCO also provides and supports the annual Telecomms Sub-Groups Symposium.

Who are our members?

Our constituency is made up from emergency services, across the public safety community, including transport and utilities. It importantly includes our community of suppliers and technologists, and related government offices in the UK and EU. Most of our members are directly involved with communications, and are passionate about them.

So we need you, your voice and thoughts, and your support.

Key benefits for our members

FREE entry into British APCO's Annual Event (plus some pre-activities over the weekend prior) and FREE entry into the many streams of sessions and groups that run using our many rooms at the exhibition.

In effect, if you only booked into one activity, you've already saved.

Last year we ran six streams of parallel activities, in addition to workshop sessions.

You will be aware of industry-standard delegate/session pricing structures commonly used at exhibitions across the country – we have subsidised this for our members, leveraging:

  • our income from all the hard work we do year-round
  • our loyal and valued partners and sponsors from our commercial constituency.

The British APCO Journal is our sector-leading magazine, a valuable insight into what's happening around our British APCO and across the public safety communications world. We send all our members every copy of this high-quality magazine INCLUSIVE IN THEIR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

You become a participant in the leading association for our constituency; we facilitate discussion, learning, debate, knowledge-exchange and best practice.

British APCO is relevant to all levels, including activities that will add value to your work across the entire spectrum of our reach.

We develop and improve cross-agency (and cross-sector, eg. transport and utilities with all blue lights) awareness, interaction, interoperability and knowledge-exchange. We give the impartial and independent advice and input that only British APCO can deliver.

We work to maintain and drive awareness of what's happening with policies and standards; British APCO influences UK and EU Public-Safety communications and participates in research, development and standards work that finds its way back as clear benefit in your workplace, technology and practices.

You become heard - in an association whose opinion is regularly (and increasingly) sought by Government, politicians, journalists and other associations who also work with similar aims to our own.

British APCO is increasing opportunities for career development, personal growth and broadened horizons, including involvement in national and international activities. Developing personal and professional knowledge of our members is a key part of what we do, most especially at our events. We can also help pave the way forward for employment post-public-sector.

There are many new and exciting developments and benefits, and not enough space here, but you can keep up to date in the Journal and on our website.

Most of all – we need your support and your voice.

We look forward to welcoming you into British APCO.

Tony Antoniou, Executive Director,

British APCO, on behalf of the President, Vice-president and Immediate Past President.

To find out more about contributing or drawing from our vibrant community, contact Tracey Langmaid 01522 548325, visit us at, or email

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