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Body-worn video technical guidance published

16 July, 2014

Technical guidance highlights the key issues for those interested in purchasing and deploying body-worn video (BWV) recording devices.

The guidance by the Home Office’s Centre for Applied Science and Technology is also aimed at those who manufacture and supply BWV equipment, who wish to have a better understanding of the requirements that are important to the policing end user.

Although the focus of the guide is on the recording devices themselves, it emphasises that it is equally important to put in place appropriate procedures and facilities for the transfer and management of the recordings. One of the key aims of the guidance is to ensure that the video is recorded in a non-proprietary format that makes the subsequent storage, replay and sharing of the product within a centralised evidence management system straightforward, thus promoting interoperability.

The requirements are listed in a table and have been categorised as Essential, Recommended or User Decision.

Essential requirements are those that the device must meet for reasons of functionality, quality, evidential integrity or to ensure that the recorded product can be used effectively within the criminal justice system.

Recommended requirements are those that would improve the operation, usability or performance of the device.

There are several additional issues that have been left for User Decision. These are important requirements that should be considered when purchasing equipment, but for which the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) is not recommending a specific approach.

Download the report below, or click here.

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