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Getting married is going to be one of the key promises that we made with our partners. This day has to be super special. Every detail about this day has to be extravagant. But first, you will need a ring for the proposal.

If you want to give something special to your lady luck and you want it to be unique, then you must pick the most extravagant piece for this occasion. You might have seen that women pay so much attention to the details of their engagement rings. They want it to be big, perfect, unique, and shiny.

How about you propose to your partner with a diamond ring or if you want to give it on the wedding day. You can buy an extravagant diamond wedding band from the diamond factory, especially if you are looking for a customized wedding band.

Here are the best diamond bands styles that you can buy from a diamond factory while giving them all the remarkable instructions:

1. Band style rings

The most common and known wedding styles are band-style rings. They look simple yet quite fancy. You can select the diamonds you want in the band. You can customize its look and get any many diamonds in it as you wish.

The band is of a single layer, or you can make it a bit bigger. It can be a bit expensive, but it will be the wedding band, so it has to be a bit luxurious. You can get such custom-made diamond bands from a diamond factory on special orders if you don't want to go for a simple band-style diamond ring.

2. Classic styles

Classic style always stays in trend. You can choose a classic style diamond ring for the wedding day. A simple round ring made of gold or platinum with a giant diamond never goes out of style.

You might have spotted many celebrities wearing such wedding rings. Now it depends on you that what size of diamond you want on the classic style diamond ring. It can be as heavy as you want, and you can select the type of diamond on it like it can be a pink diamond or a sapphire.

3. Petite side stones

How about a diamond wedding ring fully covered with small diamonds and a giant diamond in the center of it? Well, these diamond rings also look quite classy, and the shine of such wedding rings is just glorious.

You can select the ring's design and then get a custom-made petite side diamond ring for your wedding day.

4. Emeralds

Have you ever seen an emerald-cut diamond ring before? Well, they are super classy, and they look super-elite. The grace of an emerald-cut diamond ring cannot be compared with any other ring.

The final words:

If you have been looking for wedding diamond ring styles and are a bit confused, you can select one of the aforementioned types. All of them will look beautiful, fancy, and attractive.