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‘Battle tablet’ tested to the max

05 January, 2015

The IP65 Casepad underwent a trial by fire with a Specialist Combat team.

The Specialist Combat trials team took 20 rugged devices from eight manufacturers to test to see if they would meet the needs of a future dismount requirement. The products were tested in swamp, primary and secondary jungle and deciduous woodland terrain, in high humidity.

An unplanned test left the team up to their chest in water for almost an hour. The soldier carrying the Casepad had it located in a trouser ‘map pocket’ so the tablet was totally submerged for the whole of that time.

That soldier reported that at the end of the day’s test, he was hosed down to wash off leeches and other jungle detritus, and he then hosed down the Casepad tablet to clean it. That night he was still able to use the Casepad tablet to watch a film.

According to the manufacturer Tetratab, the Casepad was one of only two products to survive the test in full, but it was especially noted for:

  • lightness and ultra-portability of the product at only 500grams
  • the only tablet that fitted into the standard uniform map pocket
  • optimal screen size and ease of use
  • sustained battery life and user swappable battery
  • the only unit that would work direct from a USB solar charger

The ultra-rugged version of the Casepad is currently being considered as the “Battle-Tablet” for the UK Future Soldier Platform.

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